Accessible Travelling Hacks

After many trips I have created ways to make life little bit easier or at least as close to easier as possible.   These may not all apply to everyone but they sure have helped us.


  1.  If you require the use of a night bag and don’t want to leave it on the floor, use a coat hanger from a hotel closet or cruise closet and place it in between the mattress and boxspring.  Just hang the bag off the hanger.
  2. Depending on what method you use to clean the catheter bags this may help.  If you use vinegar and water to flush the tubing instead of packing a vinegar bottle, go to a  fast food restaurant and grab a bunch of vinegar packets.  It is light weight and takes up no room in the suitcase.
  3. If you can disconnect the joystick from your chair and take onboard a plane then try using velcro twist ties to hold all the cords in place.  Better than using plastic twist ties that have to be cut.
  4. If you don’t have a joystick that can disconnect and want to protect it from airplane baggage handlers than use PVC piping, toilet paper roll (fits perfectly over the joystick) and wrap with something like a tensor bandage.
  5. Commode Shower Chairs can get expensive to rent for the week and not to mention all the extra delivery charges for pre and post hotel stays.  We bought an Aquatic Ocean specifically for travelling.  It comes apart and fits nicely in a standard suitcase.
  6. Always make sure if you are travelling with a wheelchair that there is clear instructions on how you want the chair handled.  We attach a letter with instructions and our cell number in case of questions.  Depending on the airline there may be a special airline form to fill out and attach to it.
  7. Google Translate is your friend when travelling to countries that you don’t speak the language.

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