Kingston, ON – Family Fun Fest

CFB Kingston does a fantastic job with the Garrison Family Fun Fest held every year in September.  There is the typical carnival rides, food truck, community demonstrations and an air show featuring the Snowbirds.  This year they also put on a Canadian Rock concert featuring Sass Jordan, Honeymoon Suite and Trooper.

The website for the event had very detailed instructions on where to park for both the airshow and the concert.  It was very organized and since our vehicle has a wheelchair ramp we were able to park right at Fort Henry to watch the air show.  They did have a designated wheelchair viewing area but we opted to watch from the patio of the Battery Bistro and enjoy some burgers and beers while we watched.   As for the concert, they once again had special wheelchair parking that was right up close to the event tent area.  We were met by the event organizer and taken to an area that was reserved for wheelchair users.  The whole experience was so smooth and I felt that they really took care of the special needs of all the people visiting.  Luckily for us we have friends that are related to members of the band Honeymoon Suite so we were able to go backstage and meet the band.  They were all so welcoming and kind and invited us to watch the concert right up side stage with a perfect view.

Such a great day and I encourage anyone living close by to check it out next year.  It was a lot of fun!




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