Skywood Eco Adventure (Brockville, ON)

Recently we heard about a zipline park that had an accessible zipline for those with mobility impairments.   St Lawrence Parks Commission opened Skywood Eco Adventure in the summer of 2016.   It consists of multiple self-led courses ranging from beginner to advanced as well as discovery courses geared towards those with physical and mental impairments.    The discovery zipline is the accessible zipline and it sits about 10 feet off the ground.

Upon arriving at Skywood we were met by the instructors and led to the area of the zipline.  Once you check-in you won’t have to park in the standard lot but are led down a gravel road to the accessible parking, which is closer to the courses.  The accessible parking is also right where the large accessible bathroom is located.   Once we parked, we were led down a gravel path.  I imagine if it had been raining a lot that path would get a bit muddy but for us it was fine and we had no issues.  Once we reached the course, Shawn was harnessed up and away he went.  You do have to be able to transfer from your wheelchair to a stationary chair for them to harness you up.  They may be able to harness up from the wheelchair.  Usually he is quite anxious doing something like this but he loved it and was allowed to zipline as many times as he wanted.  It was a lot of fun and would definitely recommend!

**for video of footage of Shawn on the zipline or any other of our accessible adventures please follow us on Facebook at Accessible Getaways or Accessible Kingston (for local Ontario information)


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