Travel Accessories Make Great Gifts

This year we decided to stick with practical gifts for Christmas.  Here are some of the gifts I gave Shawn this year.


  1. Adapts Sling – I ordered this online through their website.  It not only is good for transfers on airplanes but a great back-up for an emergency evacuation.  We will be using this soon so will get back to you on how well it works.
  2. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones –  I am not sure if any airlines allow you to use these but I included them for other modes of transportation.  Shawn hates my music so now on road trips he can listen to his own music or watch a movie.  I love I don’t have to worry about trying to find a place to hook up a device to wired headphones.
  3. Napkin clips – They are hard to see in the picture but they are on the Beats box.  Shawn has a hard time getting a napkin to stay when we eat out.  I hate putting a shirt protector on him when not at home because they are generally so ugly and institutional.  This clip will help keep the restaurant provided napkin in place.
  4. Seat Cushion – I loved this seat cushion for plane seats because it seemed thin enough to not raise Shawn too high up the seat but still provide enough support.  It also comes with a carrying case so I like that I can easily carry it or hang it off Shawn’s chair handles.
  5. Extendable Table.  I loved finding this online.  It is the smallest yet sturdiest portable table with a clip on the end to attend anywhere.  My plan is to use it on a road trip to help Shawn when we eat on the go.  It would also work really well to help with anything Shawn needed close to him when in bed.

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